Working Together To Build Dreams.

Welcome to the site of Dom & Heather.

Dom and Heather are a husband and wife team in the Home Based Business industry, that have helped build teams that expand the globe. 

Dom and Heather have become Top earners in the industry, but it took work and are wanting to help others do the same.

The last 5 years have been incredible (but it didn't start out that way). 

Here are some of our major accomplishments over the past few years

We became debt free

We purchased our dream home

We've helped 6 people become 7 figure earners and 30 others become 6 figure earners

We've launched teams in more than 25 countries

Get To Know Us

Dom and Heather married in 1995, have 3 boys and 4 grandchildren. Dom served in the US Army as an Infantrymen and was medically retired in 2011. Heather not only supported Dom but raised the boys(often times alone while Dom was deployed).

Both Dom and Heather took on corporate positions once retired from the military. Heather excelled and played a vital role in taking a Direct Selling company from $0 revenue to $500 million a year. 

Dom reluctantly joined the home based business industry as a promoter/distributor and exploded after 2 years of hard work, ultimately becoming a 7 figure earner.

Today, Dom and Heather work their home based business (direct selling/network marketing) full time. Both Dom and Heather are passionate about helping others succeed in their business.

Why Choose Us

We are just like you and we haven't forgotten from where we came. Our passion is to be able to help others build their freedom with a home based business!

Home team

We are a full time husband and wife team working for you!

Duplicatable system

We provide a system which include email marketing, webinars and continued training at your fingertips! 


Provide support and collaboration with other winners in the business.

One on One

We make ourselves available to you night and day! 

Our Rise From The Ashes

4 things happened after the collapse of Dom's career in the US Army, which were to completely transform our life.

Lost All Financial Security

When Dom was medically retired after almost 20 years in the US Army, they no longer had a guaranteed paycheck every two weeks and their monthly income was drastically decreased. 

Became depressed and stressed 

As a couple, depression was a big obstacle for many reasons. The added stress of trying to make a new normal was very hard on the family.

Became hungry for more (Better)

They knew that if they wanted something different or better, that they had to do something different to make that happen. 

Found Network Marketing/Direct Sales

They found this and realized that working as a team and being able to provide value to others (and being rewarded doing so) was the answer!

We want to bring hope and help to others going in the same direction as us.